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About Us

  • YVFunds a Pre-Seed and Seed venture capital fund and startup platform was founded as a subsidiary of YVIoMT, a leading Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Incubator & Accelerator. We have been tech founders before, and we understand what it takes to start with an idea and build a transformative company.

  • YVFunds Incubator Fund is focused in partnering with entrepreneurs and universities research labs to come up with AI Medical Diagnostics and Bioinformatics ideas and create a proof of concept (POC).

  • YVFunds Accelerator Fund focuses in recruiting co-founders, engage pilot customers, customize/improve products, incorporate latest AI techniques into their existing technologies, and prepare portfolio companies for Seed Funding from strategic partners

We view the world through an expanded lens that enables us to have the diversity of perspectives needed to challenge industry norms and spot the unexpected. We invest in founders who are forces of change, who have the vision and discipline to transform their industries. We leverage our thematic focus and clinical and technical expertise to invest ahead of the curve.

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Multi-Cultural, Multi-Racial international team





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